Hypnosis Services

Hypnosis is a state of inward focus where powerful changes can be made at the subconscious level. Below are descriptions of the hypnosis services I provide.

Weight loss

You know you can lose the weight. You want to lose the weight. But you don't. Sound familiar?

Weight gain happens for a very simple reason: what we want in the moment overpowers our broader desire for a healthy body. Diet and exercise programs work for some people, but even then the success is often temporary. Old habits and behaviors tend to return because they were never really addressed to begin with.

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight requires more than changing behaviors. It requires changing your state of mind. Instead obsessing over a list of dos and don'ts, my clients focus on creating change from within. Those changes include greater mindfulness surrounding food, increased motivation to make healthy choices, and releasing food as a source of emotional comfort. Once the correct mindset is in place, the healthy behaviors that lead to weight loss come naturally.

For lasting weight loss, you don't need a new diet. You need a new state of mind. I can help you achieve it.

Overcoming Anxiety

While occasional anxiousness is normal, frequent anxiety can affect your health, your relationships, and even keep you from leading a normal life. The associated feelings of dread or powerlessness are often difficult to describe to others; you may not even know the source of those feelings yourself. What you do know is that you are ready to feel in control again.

The good news is that anxiety is a product of the mind. As surely as your mind can create feelings of anxiousness, it can create feelings of peace and empowerment. Hypnosis is a powerful way to quiet your thoughts, reframe past experiences and change unconscious beliefs. Anxiety is a result of what we perceive, and perceptions can be changed.

I've helped numerous people overcome anxiety and take control of their lives again. I can help you to. Remember that what your mind creates, it can conquer!

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