Upcoming Transcript Bulletin Article

Yesterday I was interviewed for the Transcript-Bulletin, Tooele County's local newspaper. I had actually contacted the editor about writing an article on hypnosis. Not about my hypnosis practice, mind you, but the practice in general. Instead he referred me to the paper's community news writer, who expressed interest in doing a story about the business. I, of course, was thrilled.

The interview was fun. I get excited when I talk about hypnosis to the point of rambling, so no doubt my interviewer has plenty to work with. I only got uncomfortable while the photographer started taking pictures of my talking face. Any time a camera points my way I feel compelled to stop whatever I'm doing and look awkward. It's funny. I always look normal in the mirror. Anyway, I'll apologize right now for whatever picture they go with.

The Transcript Bulletin does a great job and I look forward to seeing the article. As for when the piece will be published, I'm assuming the 12th or 16th. When I know you'll know, only possibly later.