"By connecting the actions we take with what appears to be a result, we form associations between behavior and outcome, even if there is no relationship between the two."

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Sometimes a problem can be solved in a single appointment, depending on the issue or individual. More often than not, however, clients experience the most success after 3-4 sessions. You should especially plan on multiple sessions if your goal involves creating new habits (i.e. smoking cessation, weight loss). Change is a process. Results come by seeing it through!

No, I'm not telling you to "toughen up." It's just that focusing what we deserve or how we've been wronged diverts energy away from what we have power to change. Your thoughts are either focused on what you can control or can't control. Hypnosis is about turning those thoughts inward to find peace and control from within. 

Hypnosis involves quieting the critical mind so your subconscious can do its powerful work. Getting caught up in what your experience "should" feel like defeats the purpose. Just relax and go with the flow. Hypnosis is like sleep: The only wrong way to do it is by trying too hard.