You know you can lose the weight. You want to lose the weight. But you don't. Sound familiar?

Weight gain happens for a very simple reason: what we want in the moment overpowers our broader desire for a healthy body. Diet and exercise programs work for some people, but even then the success is often temporary. Old habits and behaviors tend to return because they were never really addressed to begin with.

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight requires more than changing behaviors. It requires changing your state of mind. Instead obsessing over a list of dos and don'ts, my clients focus on creating change from within. Those changes include greater mindfulness surrounding food, increased motivation to make healthy choices, and releasing food as a source of emotional comfort. Once the correct mindset is in place, the healthy behaviors that lead to weight loss come naturally.

You can achieve lasting weight loss, and hypnosis can help!

This year, make your New Year's Resolutions a reality.

Most goals fail, including goals for the New Year. The reason? More often than not we're holding ourselves back with old habits and perceptions. These mental blocks were formed on a deeper, subconscious level and need to be rewritten at the same level.

That's why hypnosis works when other methods fail. Whether your goal is to reduce stress, increase wellness or change how you live, success starts and ends in the mind.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is a completely natural state that anyone can enter into. My job is to help you reach that calm state of inner focus where feelings and ideas can be altered in positive ways. Think of me as a guide or a coach who helps you to create your own change from within.

If you're ready to move beyond good intentions in 2017, contact me for a free consultation. I'll help you achieve what you know you're capable of!

New Year's Resolutions

Life happens, but as a rule appointments should be set no more than ten days apart.  After each session you will be given simple self-hypnosis exercises to practice throughout the week. These are essential! By practicing every day you are taking ownership in the hypnosis process and reinforcing what was accomplished in your session.

The foundational truth of hypnosis is that our thoughts define our perceptions and behavior. By bringing a determined, "can do" attitude to the process, you are already well on your way to achieving the change you want.

Positivity is a proactive. If, for example, you are using hypnosis to change a habit, your thinking shouldn't be "I hope this works," but rather "I'm making this happen!"

Choose success and expect to be successful!

Hypnotherapy  isn't magic or mind control. A hypnotist can't make you want something that you don't or have you act against your will. A good hypnotist guides and facilitates, but in the end it's the client who makes hypnosis work for them. 

With that in mind, I've come up with 5 things you should do to make your sessions effective. They are:

  •  Think positively
  •  Be consistant
  • Relax and let go
  • Abandon a victim mentality 
  •  Put in the time. 

Over the mext few days I'll be expanding on each one of these items. Some are self-explanatory, but others will take some explaining. Stay tuned!

Occasionally I get asked if I can help recover lost or repressed memories. The short answer is no. 

Memories aren't "recovered", they are reconstructed, and don't necessarily depict events as they truly happened. Our perception of an event can heavily influence what we remember and how we remember it. If there isn't a lot to go on, our brains are happy to fill in the gaps. Sometimes outside influences can even cause us to "remember" something that never happened, creating false memories. For these reasons I think it's irresponsible to use regression for memory recall. 

Having said that, there is absolutely a place for regression therapy if the goal is to overcome trauma or reframe the past. In this framework we're using the subjectivity of memory to create a more empowered perception of past events. When done properly, the process can be extremely powerful and even life-changing. 

So there you have it. Memory isn't a video recording that can be played back from start to finish. It's much more subjective and fluid-- which for the purpose of emotional healing, can actually be a good thing.

So yes, it's been a couple of years since my last blog post. Truth be told I've been pretty busy as a full time teacher and part time hypnotist. Most of the thoughts I've take time to write have been posted on my Facebook page.

I'm taking time to blog again for a couple of reasons. First, because I enjoy writing. A blog is good for loosening up and writing in a non-restrictive format. I need more practice with that. Perfectionism is a writer's worst enemy as the say, or at least I do. 

The second reason is because I am in transition from a part time practice to a full time practice. Hypnosis is what I do now. For the past couple of years I've been content to see clients here and there in the relatively small town I live in. It's time to expand my horizons! I'm doing so in part by creating a bigger web presence, which includes offering sessions online and providing education and commentary on hypnosis in general. Let's face it: there are still plenty of misconceptions about what we hypnotists do. For every person I can give a better understanding of this empowering practice, the better world it will be. 

I'll be posting at least once a week, so be sure to check in. Some entries will be short and concise. Others will be longer and rambling, sort of like this post. I won't restrict my thoughts to hypnosis exclusively, but I will stay within the general theme of the mind. Since, like consciousness, there is no universal definition of where hypnosis ends or begins, I don't see any reason to be overly-narrow. 
Until the next time!


Why Complaining Rewires Your Brain to be Negative 

I've never considered that complaining "feels good" and can therefore become addictive, but it kind of makes sense, doesn't it?


Following a consultation this evening, a new client left my office voicing certainty of her success and excited for the changes to come. Now that's the way to approach hypnosis! Expentancy in large part determines an outcome, and this is especially true when working with the mind. That's the beauty of hypnosis: it works, as much as anything, because we decide it does. Because we decide to take charge!